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Kids Guide To Building Bird Homes
If you enjoy watching birds in your own backyard, you can encourage them to nest and feed nearby by creating a permanent home. Although birds do not actually live inside of manmade bird structures, they will often take advantage of them as a place to build nests to raise their young. There are many types of native U.S. birds that will build nests in man-made structures made of wood or other sturdy materials that provide shelter from weather and predators. Some types of birds prefer a nesting cavity in a “snag” or dead tree containing holes, but when this type of home is not available, many times these birds will use a handmade wooden nest that you provide. Bird homes, also commonly known as birdhouses, can be built from a variety of different materials, from scrap lumber to hollow gourds. You can decorate your birdhouse to make it colorful and personal.

Local Farm Markets
Healthy, Fresh food, Grown Locally.

If you are looking for healthy, fresh food, grown locally there are more options than ever before.  This website helps you to find the type of farm market you're seeking, in your own local area; whether it is a farm stand, a farm's market, sold from the farm house or just a roadside stand; as long as it is fresh and locally produced. You can find farm markets that grow local, grow organically, offer a sustainable agriculture or the type of fruit, vegetables and other produce you want.

Designer Landscapes
Professional Landscape Designs.

Designer Landscapes, Inc provides the finest and most complete landscaping and stamped concrete edging for regional residences and commercial locations. Evocative designs; efficient, reliable installation and construction; and full-service landscaping programs keep DLI customers returning and referring. We've been growing steadily for over 25 years and to put the great in the great outdoors..

Show A Flag
Custom flag display cases.

We take pride in manufacturing these products and are pleased to tell you that no two are a like. Each product has its own characteristics. We hand select each piece of wood that is used for our products. We hope that the product or products you purchase will find that special place in your heart and family as they have ours. Please take the time to read About Us. If you have any questions or special request, please contact us.

North American Bluebird Society
NABS was founded in 1978 by Dr. Lawrence Zeleny to promote the preservation of bluebirds, a species in decline. Larry, with the support of his wife, Olive dedicated much of his life to providing nest boxes and managing trails. He promoted bluebirds through hundreds of talks and articles in many periodicals.

NABS' core mission: education, conservation and research mirror the life of Dr. Zeleny. His book, The Bluebird: How You Can Help Its Fight for Survival is a testament to what he called, the "symbol of love, hope and happiness," the bluebird.

Todd MaClay, Realtor
Real Estate Services.
 Providing Real Estate Services in the Lakefront Chicago Area and surrounding neighborhoods.

Todd M Squared
Computer Repair/ Tech Solutions
In home or office technical solutions.


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