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The Heptagon!
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This house is our specialty. A 7-sided wren house. Each house is hand crafted, no two are exactly alike! Choose from natural red cedar, reclaimed barn wood or our hand painted Stars & Stripes house. Either way your birds will love 'em! You'll enjoy your birds for the service they provide in keeping your yard and garden free from insects. There are 3 screws around the base for easy post mount and cleaning.

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Church Wren House

Made from western cedar. Top quality house hinged side opens for clean out. $20.00 (includes S&H to lower 48 states)

A Frame Wren House

Our A frame style house is a handcrafted cypress house with a red cedar roof. The floor is removable and provides a clean out and allows for mounting your house on your favorite post. We recommend the post be 36" tall or better to give Ginny wren protection from predators. You can hang your house by adding an eye screw and rope. $12.95ea

Wren Cabin

Made from western red cedar. Hinged back opens for easy clean out. Shipping weight 2lbs. $18.95

Wild Bird Nest Box

Made from 100% cypress, this quality nest box has ventilation, fledgling ladder and easy clean out feature! Designed for chickadee's, nuthatches and tufted titmice. These birds stay around all winter long and will provide many hours of enjoyment. Be sure to provide some quality bird seed and plenty of fresh water. $18.00

Springfield Condo

Popular house that adds character to your yard or garden. Middle slat flips open for easy clean out. Shipping weight 3 lbs distressed white. $28.95

The Outhouse

A simple house that jenny wren can't resist. The floor is removable for cleaning out and/or mounting to your favorite post. Shipping weight 2 lbs. red barn siding. $16.95

Blue Bird Houses 

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Add this totally original birdhouse to your collection. They usually end up in family rooms. They are however ready to go outside and house some of your winter birds Four screws on bottom for easy post mount. $25.00


Choose the hanging house for a special place in your back yard. Four screws on the bottom for easy clean out. The birdhouse is made from white barn wood painted for a distressed look. The roof is cedar house siding.$22.95

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Bird House Snowman

Whimsical! Set anywhere and add a touch of cheer and happy holidays! Each house is hand crafted from recycled barn wood. They are quality houses made for outdoor wild birds too. Whether you choose to use indoors or out, our snowmen have you covered!

Limited quantity for the holidays! They make great special gifts. $18.95


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