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Our Wild Bird Feeders

All of our feeders are hand crafted from cypress wood, environmentally friendly and economically priced. They all come with our stay dry floor, we use solid brass hardware  and our hanging platform feeders use rope manufactured in the U.S.A. by Arm Co. "Keep America Working"

Feeding Wild Birds

Winter (usually from October through April) is the ideal season to feed birds, because their natural foods are not abundant. By providing food for wildlife during severe cold weather, you can help them get enough food to maintain sufficient body heat. Feeding during the summer months is not as important, because their natural food source is readily available. But, some birds will visit your feeders year-round and thank you by hanging around scanning the area for insects to eat too!

Birds usually do not depend on only one feeder for their survival. It is more likely that they feed from several sources each day. Once you start a winter feeding program, be sure to continue until spring when the birds’ natural food sources are more abundant.

Types of Bird Feed

Sunflower seed or mixed seed are popular for use in feeders and will attract many songbirds such as cardinals, finches, and chickadees. Black Oil Sunflower seed is especially popular with bird enthusiasts. The outer shell of Black Oil Sunflower seeds are thinner and easier to crack than other types of Sunflower seeds. In addition, the kernel is larger than striped or white sunflower seeds. Black Oil Sunflower seeds also contain a large amount of fat; therefore they are especially good to use in the winter.

A suet feeder is typically a metal cage-like construction that contains a cake or block of suet to feed  woodpeckers flickers nuthatches, and many other species of insect eaters. Suet logs are also very common. These wooden logs have holes drilled out for suet to be inserted. Suet is high in fat which helps to keep birds warm and nourished during the cold winter.

Providing a varied array of tastes and feeding venues will result in less competition for food and dining spots, just as a well-planned garden will provide many plants that supply different types of seeds.

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Hanging Suet Feeders

 7" long, 8" wide & 2.5" deep, holds 1 cake $12.95

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Winter Suet Feeders

Our Snowman and Christmas Tree suet feeders make feeding suet simple and fun!

There's no mess with suet and it is also a very economical way to feed your birds. You'll attract loads of woodpeckers along with cardinal, chickadees, nut hatches and more.

Place one suet cake in the basket and hang feeder in your favorite location.

These feeders are made from exterior lumber and hand painted. They make wonderful gifts for family and friends.

$14.95 each.
s&h $8.95

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  Upside Down Wild Bird Suet Feeder
Perfect for: woodpeckers, nuthatches chickadees


Our simple design features a weight sensitive squirrel deterrent. It's safe and harmless, no need for all the cases and baffles.

It's made from 100% cypress with a jute rope for hanging and has a vinyl coated wire basket to hold 1 of your favorite suet cakes. This wild bird upside down feeder will give you many years of enjoyment and keep the squirrels out of your suet. Try it!

The nesting season is in full force and wild birds need extra energy they get from suet. (try our recipe!)

Winter Feeder Set

Winter is a wonderful time to view wild birds. It’s the time of year when wild birds rely upon us birders for survival during the cold winter days and nights.

Offering seed, suet and consistent water source will attract a variety of wild birds for your viewing pleasure. There’s nothing more beautiful than watching the red birds enjoy a tasty treat of black oil sunflower seeds.

Our winter time special is a package of 3 popular feeders including our hanging platform, hanging suet basket and the upside down suet feeder. These are all top of the line feeders made with quality in mind.

You’ll get many years of enjoyment from these feeders as well as all of our products.

$34.95 plus s&h

Black Oil Sunflower Feeder

This simple feeder is perfect for winter time wild bird feeding.

Fill with black oil seeds or other tasty treats and enjoy the large variety of birds you're sure to see this winter. LET IT SNOW!!!  

Using this tower feeder eliminates the snow build up you get with the platform feeders. Keeps birdseed fresh and dry.  Made from 100% cypress and comes with our exclusive lock block. Easy to fill and clean.

$14.95 plus


7 Sided Hanging Platform Feeder

Made from Swamp Cypress with stay dry floor.
Overall dimensions 12" $14.95

Wildlife Feeder Chair

These chair feeders will come complete with your first ear of corn! Fresh from our fields here in Franklin, IL. They are hand crafted from aromatic red cedar and built to last through generations of wildlife. Remember the holidays! Start some of your friends enjoying the wildlife in their own back yard. $16.95

Suet Shack

The smart design of these upside down feeders discourages larger birds from accessing the suet. The larger woodpeckers like the red headed woodpecker have the skills needed to eat from the upside down feeder. Song birds can hang upside down on our sure grip strip. The roof slides up the rope for easy filling or cleaning. These are cute as a button feeders sure to add personality to your yard and gardens. The birds will thank you for serving suet! $18.00
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Nyjer Finch Feeder

Our finch tower has a large feeding area that attracts a number of finches.

They are one of the few birds that will eat together in harmony. Our new improved screen is easy to clean and the yellow color is preferred by the gold finch.

Made from cypress lumber, fills easy, comes with our exclusive lock block and clean out. This feeder will give you and your family many hours of enjoyment.

$14.95 each.
s&h $8.95



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