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Blue Birds

Their song, brilliant color and the cleanliness of this bird make bluebirds one of the most popular songbirds. Bluebirds prefer to nest in open areas with low or sparse ground cover. Mount your house toward the north or east to avoid direct midday sun with trees or shrubs near by. Bluebirds hunt insects by scanning the ground from these types of safe locations.

Basic bluebird houses

Our bluebird houses are handmade from reclaimed barn wood or all natural cypress and will provide your family with many years of entertainment. These basic bluebird houses have all the features necessary for bluebirds including fledgling ladders, drainage, ventilation and of course easy clean out. Cleaning out your bluebird house as soon as the babies fledge will give you the opportunity for another nesting. Bluebirds often raise as many as three broods each season.

We offer special discounts for bluebird trail projects.
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Basic Blue Bird House,
D.N.R. Approved

D.N.R. publication wood projects for Illinois wildlife.

Entrance hole is oval 1 3/8” by 2 ¼”

D.N.R. Bluebird House

All Natural Cypress

Red Barn Wood

(white barn wood not shown)

Basic Bluebird House w/ Predator Guard
Reclaimed barn wood and all natural cypress wood 1 ½” entrance hole with predator guard.

Red Barn Wood
White Barn Wood
All Natural Cypress
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