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We re-use boxes

Another way we help reduce waste in our landfills. Re-cycle whenever possible.

It's the Green thing to do

Thanks! Randy & Cathy

Building Our Reputation One Customer at a Time hand made, bird houses, feeders.

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We are a family owned and operated business with a lifelong commitment to birding and protecting nature. We specialize in hand crafted wren houses and bluebird houses. These are our favorite insect eating birds and will help keep your yard insect free.

For song birds you love to feed we create various types of hand crafted feeders.

My husband and I work together side by side in our woodshop to create unique and nature friendly bird houses and feeders.

"We were GREEN before GREEN was a go"

We use re-claimed barn wood and other types of recycled lumber, as well as all natural rot resistant cypress and redwood.

Unlike plastic and metal our wood products will compost back to nature.

All our items are handmade individually right here in Franklin, Illinois U.S.A.

Providing bird houses for wild birds is an important element for your birding experience. Due to the decrease in natural habitat our wildlife is more dependent than ever on us to provide nesting boxes. This is a great way to attract wild birds to your yard. They provide shelter and a place to raise their young.

If you are interested in paying with check or money order or if you would be interested in a large quantity of an item; please contact us at the email address below for more information.


2869 Woodson Franklin Rd.
Franklin, IL. 62638  

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Our Specialty Bird House!
The Heptagon

This house is our specialty. A 7-sided wren house. Each house is hand crafted, no two are exactly alike! We offer a variety of colors and both post mount and hanging houses.

Either way your birds will love 'em! You'll enjoy your birds for the service they provide in keeping your yard and garden free from insects. There are 3 screws around the base for easy post mount and cleaning. 

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